As a trusted name in the market of air blowers, Worx has been known to deliver excellent quality products that are both efficient and long-lasting. The Worx WG546E air turbine blower brings increased precision performance and reliability.  

Worx WG546E 20v Lithium Air Turbine Blower is a perfect air blower for you. It is equipped with powerful turbine fan technology. This product is sure to please anyone who is looking for high-end quality without paying a high price. It is durable, clean and is handy to use.  

To begin, WG546E works with all excellent-quality hyper-stream air nozzle and turbine fan, making them the perfect components for your state-of-the-art blower. This product offers high performance and excellent quality, thanks to its high capacity air volume with turbine fan technology.  Have a look at the below mentioned features that make this tool a must buy for your workshops or areas.

Powerful turbine technology

It doesn’t matter whether you want to indulge in light cleaning or heavy cleaning; Worx WG546E 20v Lithium Air Turbine Blower is the perfect option for you. Its two-speed control function allows you to clean any type of surface. This cordless blower with advanced turbine technology is known to offer up to 9.6 cubic meters per min of air velocity.

Lightweight design

This cordless air blower will give you an excellent working experience. With the latest turbine technology, you can use this blower as a hard surface sweeping tool to full-blown garden work tool. From sweeping the driveway and path to pilling up leaves after an autumn fall, this product can do everything. It is lightweight, ergonomic and powerful so you can use it comfortably and easily.

Turbine fan

This air turbine blower comes with turbine fan that has the capability to give high air volume flow in a compact & lightweight design.

Variable speeds

WG546E delivers different speeds for different type of jobs. So, just turn the speed down to clean out corners or mulch from flower beds. You can sweep out the garage and pile up leaves by turning it up.

Let’s take a look on other features of this air blower

  • 20V lithium battery pack with charger
  • Hyper-stream nozzle allows you to tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks
  • Comes with a free 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • A powershare platform for interchanging your batteries with your other 20V WORX tools
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable working


Purchasing a right machine for cleaning purpose is a very tedious task. Especially, if you do not know the factors which make a product good or bad. Hope now you are fully aware of the Worx WG546E 20V Lithium Air Turbine Blower With Powershare Battery Platform 220 Volts. This model is surely more than what you pay for it.  It will make your work easy and quick. .

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