When you want an electric corded planer for high performance, TE-PL-850 model offers a great solution. This planer comes from the house of Einhell, a reliable brand for power tools. The best thing about Einhell TE-PL-850 Electric Planer With 3 Mm Max Cut is that it is an easy to use tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Excellent speed and convenience makes this planer a perfect power tool.

Einhell Te-Pl-850 Electric Planer With 3 Mm Max Cut offers high degree precision and smooth finish. This product is one of the best models from Einhell. It is a leading corded power tool that is run by electricity. So, what are unique features of this planer that make it so special?

Here are some features that will let you know why it is a great purchase:

Comfortable and easy to use

The planer from the house of Einhell is featured with soft grip handle. So, you can easily and securely handle this tool in your hand. It is featured with large hand wheel to ensure that the depth can be additionally adjusted, implementing clean and hassle-free work.

Variable position

The electric planer of Einhell is featured with high-quality sharp edge blade shaft. This blade enables the depth of up to 3mm for a high chip removal as well as for smoothing rough boards. For the best results, you can direct its chip discharge to the right or to the left, adjust to the direction of the wood.

High performance

If you are looking for powerful high-precision planer, Einhell TE-PL-850 Electric Planer With 3 Mm Max Cut is perfect tool for you. With its impressive performance, you can tackle all type of challenging planing jobs. This product with 850 W and an excellent speed is an excellent quality electric planer for workers. Also, you can use it for different precise or accurate operations.

Let’s take a view on other benefits of using Einhell Te-Pl-850 Electric Planer With 3 Mm Max Cut

  • It is convenient to use
  • Great tool for onsite projects
  • This tool is corded electric operated
  • It is super quiet and reliable
  • Well-constructed to offer a high level of efficiency


Einhell TE-PL-850 Electric Planer With 3 Mm Max Cut is reliable and efficient. If you are thinking of purchasing planer with 3mm max cut, this is the tool for you.  At around $180.99, this product truly is an excellent deal. We are sure you will be pleased with your purchase as we give it a solid 5-star rating.

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