When it comes to purchasing a cordless vacuum, there are many brands and models to select from. However, all models are not made of the highest quality materials and not deliver excellent performance. So, we advise you to choose VAC120BN model of Bosch for cleaning purpose. With this product, you can be pretty confident that you are actually getting what you pay for.

If you want a reliable and efficient cordless vacuum, Bosch VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum 220 Volts is a decent vacuum cleaner for you.

Let’s take a look at the features of Bosch VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum 220 Volts that makes it so unique and desirable:

Easy cleanup

Thanks to a high-performance power system and lightweight design, this product maximizes effortless and fast job site cleanup. You can use this vacuum cleaner at your workshop comfortably. Also, you can carry it anywhere you want due to its compact size. It only weighs 2.5 pounds, but this item delivers long runtime and excellent performance due to 12V max power system.

Optimal dust and a flat filter

This handy vacuum cleaner from the house of Bosch comes with Bosch micro filter system for filtering 98% of airborne particles. This optimal system not only filters fine dust but also traps small particles such as wood, plastic or metal chips. Also, it is designed with a flat filter design that increases canister capacity. This canister is equipped with push button for quick easy canister cleanout purpose. This vacuum cleaner is compatible with L-BOXX storage.

Clean difficult to reach places and corners

If you need a vacuum cleaner for tight corners, Bosch VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum 220 Volts is a great option for you. This product is featured with a removable crevice nozzle that allows you to reach into tight corners for thorough cleaning.

Check for which purposes you can use this VAC120BN model of Bosch reputable brand

Cleaning air cooler

If you are thinking of filtering out the heavy dust on air coolers manually, it is a tedious task. So, you need to use this handy VAC120BN vacuum from Bosch brand to complete the task with ease.

Cleaning ventilation grills

At homes and in offices, ventilation grills are often dusty. Cleaning it manually can be time-consuming and difficult. But, if you choose this vacuum cleaner, you can do these tasks in less time effortlessly.

Removing wood dust

When it comes to removing wood dust, this product is an ideal tool for you. It is handy and easy to use for both light and heavy cleaning.

The list of things you can clean using this vacuum cleaner is endless.


Bosch VAC120BN 12-Volt Cordless Vacuum 220 Volts is a reliable and powerful tool. You will be pleased to learn that this vacuum cleaner lives up to Bosch’s stringent standards for quality, performance, and workmanship. It gets an excellent rating, and you should not think twice if you want to place your order for this tool.

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