Will a 240-volt Hair Straightener Be Good for Your Hair?

You’ve come across a 240-volt hair straightener and now you are wondering if you should give it a try. And like most people, you probably have questions. Would it be too powerful and cause damage to your hair? The answer is no. While a 240-volt hair straightener has twice the voltage level of a 110-volt hair straightener, it’s not more dangerous nor does it consume more power. 

All kinds of hair straighteners, at least from the reliable brands, are designed with safety features and are energy-efficient. They have temperature control settings so that you can adjust the heat according to your styling requirements. They also have auto shut off features so there is less risk of fire, electrocution, and overheating.

Is a 240-volt hair straightener really better for your hair, though? Not necessarily, but it can offer advantages that make it worth buying: 

First of all, it will heat up faster so you can style your hair right away. This is one of the major differences between a 120-volt and a 240-volt hair straightener. While the 120-volt unit will work just fine, it will take a little longer to heat up. The 240-volt hair straightener gets hotter faster because it has twice the voltage requirements. This is why heating appliances like ovens and microwaves often come in 240-volt variants.

Another good thing about this hair styling tool is that it is travel-friendly. You can bring it to any country that uses 240-volt electrical outlets. You won’t have to worry about compatibility. This is especially true if your hair straightener is dual voltage (meaning, it works on both 120-volt and 240-volt wall outlets). You can bring and use it just about anywhere. 

Looking for a brand-new 240-volt hair straightener? If you are planning on shopping online, be sure to buy only from a reliable store and manufacturer! 

Points to be Considered While Purchasing 220-Volt Air Conditioners for Sale

There is a wide range of 220-volt air conditioners for sale and the selection can be confusing. How do you choose the right unit for your requirements? Here are some tips to help you determine the best model, brand, and size of 220-volt air conditioner for your space: 

Match air conditioner size to room size

How much BTU does your air conditioner need to keep the room cool? The answer really depends on the size of the space. The key is to find a unit with just the right BTU rating so that you don’t waste energy and money. 

The general rule is 20 BTU per square foot if the ceiling is 8 feet high (standard). The simplest way to determine the right BTU rating is by using a BTU calculator, which you can find online. 

Count the number of people occupying the room

Aside from the size of the room, you should also consider the number of people that usually occupy it. According to manufacturers, if there are more than two people who regularly occupy the room, then you should add 600 BTU per additional person.

Consider the type and location of the room 

If the room has glass windows and receives a lot of sunlight, then it is definitely more difficult to cool down. In that case, you should increase the BTU by 10%. If it’s heavily shaded, then reduce

the capacity by 10%. Lastly, if you are installing a 220-volt air conditioner in places that tend to get hot—like the kitchen, then you should increase capacity by 4000 BTU. 

Look for energy-efficient features

This is an important step when buying a 220-volt air conditioner for sale. You want to make sure that the unit you are getting is rated energy-efficient so it won’t consume too much power especially during the summer season. By choosing an energy-efficient AC, you can lower your utility bills while lowering your carbon footprint.