Things You Need to Know About a Cordless Phone

In the present era of mobile phones and Internet, it is difficult to imagine a home that doesn’t have a cordless phone. A cordless phone promises ease of use and flexibility to the users as they can move around all over inside their homes while talking on the phone. Busy housewives and working people can make the most of their time by talking on phone, chopping vegetables, checking emails, or making up the room simultaneously.

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Here are some important things that you need to know about cordless phones.

Cordless phones came into existence in the year 1965. It was invented Teri Pall invented, a jazz singer by profession.  The cordless phone invented by her had a low frequency of 47-49 MHz and worked only in small areas.

With the advancements in the field of technology, better cordless phones came into the market. The range at which these phones worked was sufficient for your whole residence.

Introduction of DECT phones bought a revolution in the cordless phones market. Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology or DECT phones are the latest models of cordless phones which can effectively cover the range of about 900 feet.

Cordless phones with frequency of 900 Mhz scraped out noises caused by appliances and interference in signals produced by other objects. These phones promised high quality sound output.

In order to tighten the security and overcome the problem of eavesdropping, high end cordless phones have been manufactured. These cordless phones have 5.8 GHz of frequency and promise the best quality of signals, and audio voice quality.

Latest cordless phones come with screen to display, SMS facility, caller id and many such advanced features.

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