Things to Know about NTSC to PAL Video Converter

The standard video system that is used in both North America and a huge part of South America is NTSC. TVs or displays make use of this video system, and most of the recorders in these regions do, too. NTSC video recorders produce videos with the NTSC format, which cannot be played in PAL systems. PAL systems are used in most of the world, which includes Europe, Australia, and Asia. An NTSC to PAL video converter will allow you to play NTSC videos on PAL TV displays. Continue reading “Things to Know about NTSC to PAL Video Converter”

PAL to NTSC Video Converter for Crystal Clear Converted Pictures

American NTSC TVs or displays are not capable of viewing videos recorded using the PAL or SECAM systems, which are more prevalent throughout the world. PAL and SECAM systems are more commonly used in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia, requiring NTSC TV users to have a converter unit in order to play PAL/SECAM-format videos on their displays.

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Get Yourself Familiar with Video Converter

NTSC (National Television System Committee) is the color TV standard in the US and Canada, while PAL is the standard in Europe, Australia, Africa, and some countries in Asia.  These broadcasting formats determine the way that a television can display the broadcast signal. They are video encoding standards that are incompatible with each other, and their differences make it difficult and inconvenient for you to buy hard copies of videos from other countries. You need a video converter to make sure that you can still play a video with a different coding from your country’s standard.

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