Milwaukee 6320 6″ In. Metal Cutting Saw 220-240 Volts is the latest release of Milwaukee from their cutting tool line. This power tool has been professionally designed using latest technology for higher cutting performance. With 220-240 volt, it can cut all types of metals without any hassle. It promises fast, clean and precise cutting operations.  To provide a more comfortable hand position and reduce the fatigue, Milwaukee 6320 6″ In. Metal Cutting Saw 220-240 Volts is featured with ergonomically designed “D” handle. It is featured with a sharp edge blade that allows you to cut metals without hassles. Milwaukee’s product comes with 2.4 amp/hr battery that provides a unique working experience to the users.

Let us see what makes Milwaukee 6320 6″ In. Metal Cutting Saw 220-240 Volts one of the metal cutting tools.

Higher Cutting Capacity

This product is featured with high performance and sharp edge wheels to ensure long life, fast cutting, and smooth work completion. Having a high cutting capacity makes this product is perfect for cutting different types of metals.

Great portability

Portability is another thing that we like in this cutting saw. Portability always depends on the weight of the equipment. The light weight of this product allows you to carry it everywhere without any hassles. Also, it saves a lot of space on the workbench due to its compact design.

Reliable performance

We were glad to find out that the saw performs excellent for most of the applications. This product can deliver enough power for cutting different types of metal. Also, we found that it delivers smooth operations as well as great performance. The clear guards provide a good line of sight for cutting.

Ease of use

Milwaukee 6320 6″ In. Metal Cutting Saw 220-240 Volts is quite easy to handle. If you are already familiar with saw tools, then you can get straight to using it. Its ergonomic design and compact size make this product quite easy to monitor and control its operation. It has electric brakes for quick stops. So, you can easily stop it when you want.


Overall, we have to say that Milwaukee’s cutting saw is perfect for you. User-friendly, simplistic and compact design ensures you can properly work with this tool. At $ 540, we will have to say that the Milwaukee 6320 6″ In. Metal Cutting Saw 220-240 Volts is an excellent investment for your workshop or personal needs.  

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