Many people think that they do not need to bring a voltage converter when traveling to countries that have a different voltage requirement. They think they’ll be able to get by using their 220-volt travel plug adapter. What they don’t realize is that a converter and an adapter are two very different things. A voltage converter changes electrical output so that it will be compatible with your device’s voltage requirement. Meanwhile, a 220-volt plug adapter is used so that your device’s plug matches the 220-volt wall outlet. 

If your device is 110V, then you need both a 220V step-down volt converter and a plug adapter. But if your devices have 220V or are dual-voltage, then you only need a 220-volt plug adapter. Since wall sockets across the globe have different shapes, 220V plug adapters also vary in shapes. To buy the correct plug adapter, follow this guide.

  • Research about the plug types used in your destination.

Many websites provide information about the plug type each country uses. You can simply refer to that before shopping for a plug adapter. This step is not needed if you’re headed to another state or to the 50 countries that also use a plugs like in the US.

  • Be familiar with the terms.

Plugs vary in the number of prongs (earthed and unearthed) and shapes (flat blade and pins.) Familiarizing the terms and appearance of plug types will help you verify that you are getting the right plug.

  • Consider all-in-one adapter.

When in doubt or in a hurry, buy an all-in-one adapter that has multiple plug types. Or if you plan to use different devices at once, look for 220v adapters that have multiple sockets with USB chargers. Make sure to buy your plug adapter from a reliable store.

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