Voltage transformers are essential household and travel apparatus. They are used for converting the primary voltage into a secondary voltage. They come in two types, namely, step-up and step-down voltage transformers. Step-up transformers convert from low to high voltage while step-down transformers convert from high to low voltage. 

The voltage transformers available in online and in hardware stores are meant for consumer use only—meaning, they convert from 110V-120V to 220V-240V and vice versa. Those that power plants and distribution centers use are bigger transformers because they have to convert kilovolts.

The use of a step-down voltage transformer is crucial for ensuring safety. While it may be true that some 110V electronics are safe to plug into 220V outlet, you should not take this risk. When your 110V electronics always receive more than the required current, they are more prone to overheating and burning. This is especially dangerous for heating devices.

Below are specific applications or situations when step-down transformers are necessary:

  • Step-down voltage transformers are used for converting high primary voltage to low secondary voltage at the distribution center. Street transformers are one type of step-down voltage transformers that reduce voltage from kV to the normal 110 to 120V and distribute them to home outlets for consumer use.
  • People living in 220V countries and regions should use a step-down converter to safely plug-in their 110V appliances or electronic devices, which probably came from the US and other 110V countries.
  • Travelers from the US should also be equipped with step-down converters, especially when they are going to European, Asian, and African countries. This will ensure the protection of their 110V US appliances and electronics when plugged into 220V wall outlet.

Step-down transformers for travel or for home use are widely available in the market today. You can even buy them online. Here’s just one safety tip for you: Purchase from reliable online stores that sells only the leading brands voltage transformers.

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