The Professional HD stand mixer is an incredible addition to your kitchen. Made by KitchenAid, this heavy-duty mixer has earned 5-star reviews from thousands of consumers. They are amazed by its performance, power, and ability to mix large quantities of ingredients at once. Indeed, it is easy to see why the Mixer Professional HD is a staple in commercial bakeries and kitchens. 

The KitchenAid Professional HD can mix, whip, and knead up to 6 quarts without trouble, thanks to its 1.0 hp DC motor. While its power is a bit lower compared to mixers in the 7-quart Pro-Line, Pro HD still promises to great mixing performance. If you want a cheaper and smaller alternative to Pro-Line, this is definitely the model to choose. It does not flinch and is therefore very sturdy. Whatever you are cooking or baking, this stand mixer surely won’t disappoint.

Shred chicken breasts

Tired of shredding chicken breasts by hand? Put the cooked chicken in the KitchenAid bowl, attach the shredding paddle, and switch on. This trick will also work fine with beef and pork, too.

Knead pizza dough

This mixer comes with multiple attachments and one of them is a dough hook for kneading. Before turning on the mixer, make sure to combine your ingredients in the bowl. Remember to knead the bread within the prescribed time.

Make mashed potatoes

The secret to perfectly light and creamy mashed potatoes is not mashing them with forks but whipping them using a mixing stand. The whisks of the mixers will do the tough job for you, resulting in delicious mashed potatoes that you and your kids will love.

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