Region free portable DVD players are generally more expensive than coded DVD players. They also have fewer functions compared to netbooks. Despite this, no one can deny that they are useful and are more preferable in certain cases—specifically for traveling. Not sure why you should switch to region-free portable DVD players

Watch your favorite movies anywhere

The best thing about this gadget is that it is portable. You can bring it when you are out and about, traveling via plane, land, or boat. Just make sure that your portable DVD’s battery is always charged so you can watch your favorite movies anywhere.

Keep yourself entertained during a long ride

Battery life is the reason why portable DVD players are better than netbooks. They can keep you entertained longer because their system is focused on doing one thing: playing video after video. Unlike portable DVDs, a netbook’s system is busy doing so many other things that have nothing to do with playing videos, like running OS and antivirus. That’s why their batteries run out faster even if you are not running other applications or software simultaneously.

View any video content without trouble

Your portable DVD player is region free, which means that it can play DVDs from across the globe even though they are internationally released. Let’s say you happen to buy DVD during your trip overseas. You can watch it right away without the need for software hacks. What’s even more amazing about modern portable DVDs is that you can view any video content in various file and video formats; it doesn’t matter whether your DVD is NTSC, PAL, Secam, stored in DVD or flash drive.

Connect to Wi-fi signal and TV signals

Some modern portable DVD players now have videocast capabilities and built-in tuner. These features allow you to watch TV shows live and stream videos and other online content wirelessly. Want to get the latest region free portable DVD player from the best brands? Buy from the biggest and most trusted distributors of electronics in the US.

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