International DVD players are also known as region-free DVD players, and they are more preferable than the coded DVD players for various reasons. Though they are often more expensive, many people still buy them because of the following benefits:

Playable in any region 

Do you get frustrated when an original copy of a foreign-released movie doesn’t play in your DVD player? That’s probably because it was released for specific territories only. In the same way, Japan-manufactured DVD players won’t play US DVDs because of their region protection. This is not a problem with international DVD players. Since they are region free, they can play any local and foreign movie or DVD. You can indulge your inner film buff without worrying about compatibility.


Some people who want to save money use software for hacking and unlocking region codes. While this is a cheap alternative, it is not flawless. It is hard to do because codes vary by region. Also, software updates means to hack your DVD players over and over. International DVD players have the upper hand because they are hardware-modified—which means that they will play any DVD and media regardless of software updates. Plus, they are also legal.

Compatible with most video formats

Video formats such as NTSC, PAL, and SECAM can be played on international DVD players. Most models are compatible with these formats. No external conversion is needed to watch or view content. Some models also have analog video connections, allowing you to watch high-quality movies using any TV or monitor.

Works with most electronic devices

International DVD players are not limited to playing DVDs or CDs. They can also play or view content from flash drives and memory cards with their built-in USB inputs and card readers. They also have HDMI output connections for a better viewing experience.

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