Some of the Important Facts about 220-Volt Appliances

All countries of the world have different electrical systems that work on different voltages and cycle frequencies. Some important points to note about the 220-volt appliances are:

  • Most parts of the world use the 220-volt appliances because that is how their electrical systems are configured. Except for the US, parts of Central America and western Japan, almost every other country uses the 220-volt configuration.
  • For people in the US and Central America, the voltage supply is 110-volts. This means that they either buy electronic and electrical devices that work with dual-voltage or invest in the right voltage converter when travelling to other countries. A voltage converter will step down the 220-volt from the mains supply to 110-volt so that the devices are not harmed due to over-supply of voltage.
  • A voltage range on the device that shows 220-240 volts means that the electric appliance will work well within this range.
  • A 220-volt appliance needs to be connected to a 220-volt outlet that usually has three or four plugs space.
  • Everyday appliances generally do not require higher voltages like 120-volts.
  • Appliances that are made to work at 220-volt supply should not be connected to a lower volt supply like 120-volt, as the appliances will underperform in such a case. It is also important to remember that plugging 110-volt appliances into a 220-volt socket can result in instant burning of the appliance circuit.
  • 220-volts appliances are usually high-powered devices such as ovens, washing machines, generators, dishwashers, air conditioners and dryers. In fact, most kitchen appliances are 220-volt appliances.
  • The good thing is that if one relocates to a country where the electric supply is about 240 volts, the 220-volt appliance will run comfortably.
  • In order to run a 220-volt appliance in your home you need to have a 220-volt plug. In order to add a 220-volt plug, the typical current that your house requires is about 150-200 amperes.

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