A Consumer’s Guide to Buying 220 Volt Air Compressor

A 220-volt air compressor is a very useful tool used to supply air to deflated tires, toys, used in spray paints, and much more. The 220-volt air compressors are quite common; they are hard-wired and highly versatile. Whether it is for a commercial purpose, industrial or personal use, here is the perfect guide to buy the 220-volt air compressor:

  1. Horsepower rating: One thing that you need to check thoroughly is whether the HP or the horsepower ratings mentioned on the air compressor is genuine. This is because the horsepower rating mentioned correctly will run on the ampere and voltage that it is supposed to. If it is overrated, then it draws lesser current and voltage, delivering considerably lesser performance. The industrial air compressors are usually rated accurately.
  • Type of 220-volt air compressors: It is important to note that air compressors are of two types – the two-stage compressors and one-stage compressors. The first is usually the industrial type and the second is generally used by smaller establishments, and at homes too. The two-stage has two cylinders and should be bought only for applications that require high pressure. The one-stage has a single cylinder and operates with lesser pressure. Ensure that the Air Pressure or Pounds per square is as per optimal requirements.
  • Volume of air or the cubic feet per minute (CFM): It is usually mentioned on the compressor. The right CFM rating is about 3-4 CFM for an air compressor that has 90 PSI. However, many manufacturers tend to exaggerate the CFM just like HP.
  • Size of the tank: It is important to understand that the tank is not supposed to play any important role in producing air. It only helps store air. For applications where the air needs to be stored, it is a good idea to go in for a large-sized compressor tank. However, if your air compressor is producing as much air as you require for an operation and does not need to store air, it is good to go for 220-volt air compressors with a smaller tank.

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