The Features of 240 Volt Appliances

Some electrical and electronic devices in your household and office invariably require 240-volt power supply to run optimally. This is because the standardized norm for the power line in the specific country has been set at 240-volts. Of course, some countries use 220-volt power supply and some use 230-volt supply too. This is why, such electrical appliances show a voltage range that lies between 220-240 volts.

One of the biggest advantages of the 240-volt power supply is that it is high-powered and hence, is used to run appliances that need higher power supply to work effectively.

Features of 240-volt electric appliances

  • These appliances need to be connected to a three-phase power plug.
  • When plugged to a lower volt power supply, the appliance will certainly not work properly because the power that it requires for optimum performance is not being supplied to it.
  • 240-volt appliances run with twice the power of 120-volt appliances. Appliances such as commercial lights of 240-volt run with double power.
  • The electricity bills are higher when using 240-vott appliances. It is important to ensure that the mains of your house or workplace is capable of supporting the high-power devices. Many homes in the US are not appropriately wired for 240-volt appliances that needs to be installed separately.
  • Besides ensuring that the electrical connectivity for running a 240-volt appliance is done by an expert electrician, make sure that you apply for a special permit from city authorities before getting the lines wired.
  • Verify that the appliance is a dual-voltage or a single-voltage appliance for going in for separate wiring and permit application.

Examples of 240-volt appliances in the US

  • 240-volt dryers usually run using electricity while the 110-volt dryers run using gas.
  • Washing machines are best examples of 240-volt appliances as for washing clothes, the machine needs a lot of power.
  • Ranges have two components – while the burners use gas, the ovens use 240-volt electricity to perform their best.
  • Air conditioners typically require 240 volts to run effectively.
  • Cooktops that have elements need greater power and voltage for optimal performance.

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