Region Free VCR – Enjoy Better Picture Quality and Easy Recording

Enjoy video playback for all video formats with a region free VCR unit. This device is equipped with conversion technology that allows you to play back multi region video files in full quality and without color loss.

Video format standards may vary from country to country, especially with the old encoding standards. Most older model video players are not equipped with decoders for all regions, leaving you stuck to watching locally available video copies only. With NTSC to PAL system decoders, you can now view video files from any region in the world. The converter automatically detects the encoding of the video file and adjusts its settings accordingly to bring you clear and top picture quality. And with the combination recorder functionality, you can also record video and have it played back in high resolution encoding. You can enjoy accurate color reproduction and video clarity without loss of color information, which is the usual case with differences between PAL and NTSC encoding.

The key is the in the built-in converters which deliver accurate playback. The encoders also work the same way so you get multi region compatible video recording in the box. Operation is as straightforward as your standard VCR. With options for pre-timed recording, you will never miss a show. Just preset the time and the recorder will start dubbing when you need it to.

The simplicity of use plus the advantage of multi-region playback capability makes the region free VCR a great investment for the money. Why waste money on multiple players to play region specific video copies when you can have the best of both worlds in one standard package? With a system that is even backwards compatible with your old movie copies, region free VCRs present a real value proposition that is very hard to beat.


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