Sharp Refrigerator – What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

The Sharp No Frost Refrigerator with Plasmacluster Ion Technology delivers top performance and energy savings. Here are a few reasons you need a Sharp refrigerator and why it is the best choice for your home.

Sharp’s ‘No frost’ refrigerator designs feature an automatic defrost system that keeps your freezer from building up frost, which can make your refrigerator run inefficiently. With an auto defrost, your refrigerator is kept clean and clear of ice buildup. This maintains a smoother running and efficient cold environment. No frost refrigerators require less manual cleaning since it virtually cleans itself at regular intervals. Efficient operation also means power savings. Since the compressor does not have to work so hard all the time, the refrigerator then saves compressor operating time, and in turn saves on power consumption. Which directly translates to savings on your electrical bill.

Sharp also incorporates their unique Plasmacluster Ion technology in their refrigerators. It is a proprietary sanitizing technology that deactivates airborne bacteria, mould, viruses, dust mites, and allergens. This technology also attacks smells and odors to keep the air fresh and clean.

This technology works by emitting positive and negative ions into the air. Negative ions work to purify the air by attaching to mould, bacteria and other allergens and impurities in the air, removing hydrogen from their surface proteins. These negative ions then start to break these impurities down. These ion reactions combine the hydroxide radicals with hydrogen in the air to form water, which is then released back into the atmosphere, effectively humidifying it.

With this sanitizing technology in play, Sharp Refrigerators help keep bacteria and mold at bay, keeping your food fresh and crisp, while eliminating unwanted odors inside the refrigerator.  Sharp refrigerators are likewise equipped with standard features like variable cooling controls, cold temperature thermostat, and built in ice maker trays.


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