Know About the Best Features of Clear Audio by Sony

Sony has always been one of the companies in the forefront of digital entertainment, whether in video, gaming, or music. One of the more recent technologies they have come up with is ClearAudio+, which is among the top selling points of their current sound and acoustic products. Here are some of the things you need to know about it if you’re interested.

ClearAudio+ technology is one of a suite of many proprietary audio technologies developed by Sony for use with their products like televisions, audio players, and gaming consoles. It is a type of digital audio processing or DAP that is supposed to enhance audio to provide better audio replication.

According to Sony, ClearAudio+ is an enhancing sound field that detects the track or kind of music or sound you are listening to and picks the best settings and automatically adjust them to deliver the best sound possible. It is sort of a virtual sound engineer that adjusts the equalization and other settings of your audio player to deliver the best output depending on the type of music that is currently being played. So if you are playing some rock music, ClearAudio+ detects that and automatically adjusts your playback settings for rock. When classical music comes on, the system again adjusts the settings to better suit that particular type of music. In a nutshell, it is like an adaptive equalizer that automatically sets itself.

This feature appeals best to people who are particular with their audio settings, as it removes the effort of manually adjusting equalizers or other processing settings every time the music track changes. For those who just “set and forget” their audio EQ and DSP’s, it can also be a pleasant experience as each track presents a different mix, presenting one with alternative ideas for audio settings that might not have been tried out before.


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