Features of 220 Volts Converter

When you need to plug a single voltage device overseas, you’ll need an appropriate voltage converter or transformer to make it run safely and efficiently. You just have to consider a few things, particularly the fact that these devices are usually more powerful than standard dual voltage travel gadgets. That means they require a powerful 220 volts converter.

But before anything else, keep in mind that most converters are heavy and bulky compared to plug adapters, which dual voltage devices need. So, it may be more practical to buy a 220v converter if you’re relocating abroad, going on an extended vacation, or staying temporarily in another country, and you want to bring your most important appliances.

Step up or step down?

One of the things you must consider about the 220 volts converter is how you will use it. If you are traveling from a 110-volt region with your 110v appliances to a 220v region, you’ll have to use a step-down converter. It will ‘step down’ the 220v so you can run your 110v appliances. However, if you’re traveling from a 220v country to a 110v country like the United States, you’ll have to use a step-up converter. This time, it will ‘step up’ the 110v electrical outlets, so you can run the 220v appliances.

That said, there are step up and step down converters, too. You might want to consider that if you keep moving between 110v and 220v regions and you want to avoid carrying two different converters with you all the time.

Features to expect

220 volts converter will come with standard features, but certain brands may have special characteristics or functions. So, be sure to explore the options. For instance, Norstar’s step up and down voltage transformer comes with an automatic voltage regulator, digital display meters, dual switches for enhanced protection, and individual circuit breakers for input and output voltage. Simran’s CE-certified voltage regulator and stabilizer will automatically regulate high-range fluctuating voltages. That makes it ideal for use in countries that have unstable voltage.

Some 220 volts converter models may require hardwiring by a professional electrician before use. Once set, they are reliable as a heavy-duty continuous use transformer that can step up or step down.

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