Find the Right 220 Volts Converter with This Buying Guide

You never know when you’ll need to change the electrical output of your power sources.  This is why a 220 volts converter is handy to have it home, so you can use it whenever necessary to ensure safety.

How to choose the perfect 220 volts converter for your needs?

Finding an appropriate voltage converter can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with electronics. But don’t worry. This guide can help you understand the basics of choosing the best converters:

  • Determine your voltage requirements

First things first: What types of appliances do you plan on converting? Each device has its own wattage (W), which you’ll find on the label. For example, most small coffee makers use around 550-900W while larger variants may require up to 1500W.

Make a list of all the appliances you intend to power and add up all their wattages, then multiply this number by 3. The final wattage will be the rating you need for your voltage converter.

Why is it vital to find converters with a significantly larger wattage rating than your needs? Most high-powered appliances will cause a temporary spike in power consumption when turned on, and higher capacity converters can prevent them from getting damaged.

  • Understand world voltages

Do you intend to bring the converter with you during your travels? You probably already know that different countries have different voltage requirements. For example, the USA uses 100-127V, while most European and Asian countries require 240 volts. If you plug an 110V device into a 220V power supply, it will operate in an overvoltage condition and result in a dangerous flash.

  • Decide between step-up vs. step-down converters

Once you’ve figured out a country’s voltage, it’s time to decide which 220 volts converter you need. If you’re using American appliances in Europe, a step-up converter is necessary. Some voltage converters can step up and down, making the purchase decision much easier.

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