How to Choose the Right 110-220 Volts LCD TV?

TVs are a must in any home, and buying110-220 volts LCD TVs is a great way to start. Although they’re not as flashy as OLED TVs, LCD TVs are getting better over time, steadily keeping up with their higher-end counterparts. In addition, LCD technology is more energy-efficient and long-lasting, reducing the risk of pesky screen burn-ins!

Selecting the best-quality 110-220 volts LCD TV

One great thing about LCD TVs is that they offer excellent value for your money. They offer various features and functions, the best of which will be highlighted below to make your search more effortless:

  • Screen size and resolution

The key is to balance your screen size and resolution. So first, determine where you’ll be placing the TV in your home. If you want a TV for a regular sized bedroom, a 40-inch screen would be enough.

Next comes the resolution. How much detail do you want to see on your screen? Typically, 1080p TVs are more than enough for casual use, but you may also consider buying a 4K system.

  • Refresh rates

Refresh rate (Hz) refers to the number of times a picture is refreshed each second. With that said, the faster it is, the better your viewing experience. For 110-220 volts LCD TVs, 60Hz is the standard, but you can also invest in 120-240Hz screens.

  • Color systems

Depending on where you live, your TV may not be compatible with a specific color system. For example, North America primarily uses NTSC while PAL is more common in Europe.

If you want to use your TV regardless of location, go for models with worldwide compatibility.

  • Connectivity

Finally, explore the types of connections you want your TV to have. HDMI compatibility is now the standard for most households, allowing you to enjoy high-quality images and better frame rates.

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