Why Do You Need 220 Volts Converter?

A 220-volt converter is a device used to change the voltage output of an electrical outlet. It can either transform voltage from 220v to 110v (step-down) or 110v to 220v (step-up). In many situations, you will find 220-volt converter important and highly beneficial.

Use your devices safely when traveling overseas

You probably need a voltage converter when using US-made devices or appliances in the country because the voltage requirement and output match. But you will need to pack it with you when traveling to countries that operate in a different voltage. For example, Australia and countries in Europe as well as Asia are operating between 220v to 240v.

A converter will ensure that your 110v device will run and charge safely in these parts of the world. If you don’t convert from 220v to 110v, your gadgets can get fried or damaged because they are receiving more than the power they are designed to handle. For this reason, it is never advisable to plug a heating device because it can lead to overheat and fire.

Use 220v appliances in the country

Do you have 220v appliances that you want to use in your American home? Buying a voltage converter is a must. Otherwise, you won’t be able to operate them. Because they are getting lower voltage than required, they won’t even turn on.

Avoid damaging appliances and electronics

When the voltage output and the voltage requirement are not compatible, appliances and electronics won’t function well. They become more vulnerable to damage because of the electric fluctuations and breakdowns. By having a voltage converter on standby, you can use them efficiently and keep them in prime condition for many years.

When it comes to buying a converter, wattage rating matters. This will determine how many electronics or appliances you can plug at the same time without overloading. You should compute for the total wattage of all the appliances you will be using to know the right size of converter you need. If you want to be on the safe side, find a220-volt converter that has twice or thrice higher wattage rating than your total wattage requirement. 

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