What You Should Know Before Purchasing a DVD 220 Volts

Looking for a brand-new DVD 220-volt player? Aside from checking the voltage, there are other important features that you should consider when buying a DVD player. Here’s a list to guide you:


Have you ever wondered why some DVDs don’t play in your old DVD player? It may be because of region codes. They exist to protect content from piracy or illegal releases. It is a digital rights management technique that is used to control the content, prices, and release dates of DVDs in their specific geographic regions.

Region-free DVD 220-volt players are upgraded to play DVDs and even Blu-rays that come from any parts of the world from region 0 to 8. They are sometimes called multi-region players. They can also play Blu-rays from Zone A, B, and C. If you like collecting foreign DVDs, then having a region-free player is highly recommended.


Modern DVD players now support mobile and web applications that are commonly used for streaming. These include Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. Some also support music and podcast streaming services like Pandora. This type of DVD player can act as a one-stop-shop for media content, eliminating the need for multiple connections and providing convenience as well.

Video and audio support

These are definitely important considerations because they will significantly impact your viewing experience. You want to find a DVD 220-volt player that supports a wide array of video, image, and audio file types, specifically high-definition formats such as Full HD 1080p, 4K resolution, and Dolby Digital Sound.

USB ports

Do you have video files and other content on your computer that you want to view on your TV? Instead of burning them on a disk, just transfer the files onto a USB drive. Then, connect it to the USB port of your DVD player (if it has one). This is less time-consuming and easier.


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