Benefits of Using 220 Voltage Equipment in Your Daily Routine

Are you stuck between buying a 110V coffee maker and its 220-voltage alternative? Don’t waste your time any further and choose the latter. There are many advantages to using 220-voltage appliances and equipment at home:

  • Better energy efficiency

You may be wondering: How are 110V appliances different from those that run on 220 volts? While they essentially do the same thing, the method of drawing power is slightly different.

For example, a 220-voltage hand mixer will use significantly less current than its 110V counterpart. Furthermore, to achieve 900 watts of power, it would only require 4.1 amps, while a 110-volt mixer will need at least 8.2 amps.

In simpler terms, 220-volt appliances are more energy-efficient, requiring less current to provide the same amount of power.

Unfortunately, it also poses more safety risks due to the higher voltage; however, modern homes and equipment are already built with safety features to prevent accidents.

  • Improved versatility

If you live in the United States, you’ve probably used 110-120V power for the most part. But did you know that it’s not the same case in other parts of the globe? 220-volt appliances are used in most parts of the world, including South Korea, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and hundreds of other countries.

The US has already established the 120V power grid, making it hard to shift to a new system. But because 220V appliances are widely used in other countries, investing in similar equipment can benefit you in the long run.

For example, if you’re planning a long-term overseas trip to Hong Kong, packing your 220-volts hairdryer and steam iron is more cost-effective than buying new appliances. Plus, many US homes come equipped with 220V wiring designed to power your electric stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines!

  • A wide range of options

The best thing about 220-voltage appliances is that you’re not limited when it comes to choices. Although the supply, is commonly used for large equipment, you’ll still find smaller 220V devices.

For example, trusted electronics stores offer everything from 220-volt multisystem LED TVs and exercise equipment to vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, and sewing machines.

Purchase your 220V appliances from a reliable supplier now, and you’ll never have to worry about using the wrong power supply again.

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