220 Voltage Electronics, Appliances, and Converters in American Homes

Countries and regions around the world are supplied with different levels of voltage and frequencies. Some use 240 or 220 voltage while others, like the US, use 110 volts. That’s why most appliances and electronics made in the USA are rated 120 or 110 voltage.

But if you visit online stores based in the US, you will notice that they are selling various kinds of 220-voltage appliances and electronics. The fact that these appliances are sold in the market means that there are US-based buyers who prefer to use them instead of 110-volt electronics. But why?

Twice the voltage means twice the power

According to the Joule’s Law, power is equivalent to the voltage multiplied by the current. Because 220-voltage appliances have twice the voltage requirements, they have twice the power of their counterparts. That means they can work more and that too quicker!

More efficient

When connected to the right power outlet, 220-volt lights shines brighter and better. A 220-volt kettle boils faster. A 220-volt drill lets you accomplish projects faster due to higher rpm. A 220-volt washer spins at a higher speed and thus, cleans clothes easier. Does it mean that the appliances will also consume more electricity and thus, increase your monthly bill? No. Take note that the power company bills consumers based on the watts you use, not the voltage or amperage. How do you safely use 220-volt appliances in your American home? Some homes have provisions for 220-voltage appliances. All you have to do is to look for those outlets, which are usually situated in the laundry and kitchen areas. If your home doesn’t have them, then you will need to buy a step-up converter. Plug it to your wall outlet to convert 110 voltage output into 220 voltage. Then, connect your appliances to the converter. You can now safely run them in your home!

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