Find the Right 220 Voltage Converter with This Buying Guide

In the US and other countries where voltage requirement is 110, a 220-volt converter or step-down converter is something that people don’t always find  useful. After all, the appliances and electronic devices here are designed to be plugged in and run on the 120v electric wall outlet without a problem.

However, for travelers, 220 volts converter is a basic necessity, especially when visiting countries in Europe and Asia that use 220 AC. The device converts the electrical output of an outlet from 220 volts to 110 volts and allows people to safely use their 110-volt gadgets. Take note that plugging in 110-volt electronics to a 220-volt outlet may cause overheating and other damage!

In case you are in the lookout for a good 220-volt converter, then this buying guide is for you:

Compute the total watts of the appliances

Voltage converters come in different sizes. To get the right size, you must compute for the total watts of all the 110-volt appliances that you are planning to use simultaneously. Be sure to choose a converter rated above your devices’ total watts requirements.

Consider appliances with a motor

Appliances and power tools that have a motor need more power to start up. Experts recommend buying a 220-volt stepdown converter with a rating that is approximately 25% higher than your motor as a buffer.

Think about the size and weight

If you will be going on a tour around different places and countries, then these factors matter. You want a step-down transformer that is light and compact for ease of storage and mobility.

Buy from a reputed store

Buying cheap converters may put you and your device’s safety at great risk. To make sure that the unit you are buying is high-quality, buy only from a reputable store. Look for a dedicated store that specializes in selling converters and 220-volt appliances. Take the time to read product reviews first prior to the purchase. Also, don’t forget to read their shipping and payment policies.

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