Why to Use 240 Voltage Appliances

Is it possible to use 240-volt appliances in the US? It is. However, you will need to buy a step-up transformer in order to use them. A transformer will double the voltage output of a 120-volt wall outlet. Without it, it will take forever for your appliances to start. It may also cause damage both to the appliances and the power source.

Buying 240-volt appliances in a country that supplies 120 voltage may sound impractical for many people. But for those who understand how power works; it is actually advantageous in certain situations! Let us go through the advantages:

Better performance

When it comes to appliances that produce heat and runs in motor, experts recommend choosing one with a higher voltage rating. This recommendation applies to air conditioning units, refrigerators, washers, power tools, kettles, and ovens. With 240 voltage, these appliances can provide better performance. 

Safe to use

Just because they run on a higher voltage doesn’t mean they are risky. They may require twice the voltage of regular appliances in the US, but they are safe, provided that they are connected to the right power outlet. The truth is that 240-volt appliances have lower current or amps. Thus, they can use thinner wires, less likely to overheat, and cause fire.

There are more of them in the market

Do you know why 240-volt electronics are more common than 120-volt electronics? Because most of the countries use 220-240 voltage. The fact that there are a lot of them in the market means that you will have more options to choose from. Not only that, you are also more likely to get them at cheaper price!

Where can you find these appliances in the US? Many shops actually sell them here. Nevertheless, you must be cautious at all times so as to ensure that you are getting high-quality appliances that pass safety standards. Find a store or a distributor that specializes in 240-volt appliances online. Be sure to check their certifications and registration. Do read customer reviews, too!

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