What All Electrical Items Can Be Used While Using Small 240 Volt Generator?

A backup generator is a good investment that can ease your worries whenever there’s a power outage. It will allow you to continue using critical appliances until power from the grid is restored. Although there are many different generators these days, some consumers find the small 240-volt generator practical for their needs. Despite the size, it’s an efficient and reliable device to recharge appliances and run essential appliances, such as ovens and refrigerators.

Make sure it’s suitable for your needs

One of the benefits of small generators is they are straightforward to use. Some may be less expensive and more portable than larger units. That said, you have to consider the efficiency and size of the engine to make sure that it has enough power to run all the electrical items you need. So, check the power draw of every appliance. You can usually find that on the label near the power cord.

Once you have the numbers, add the power ratings of those appliances. The sum should be less than that generator rating. But if it’s bigger, refrain from using those appliances at the same time.

Consider power surges

Determine if the small 240-volt generator can keep up with the high power draw of some appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators. These electrical items require extra power when they start, and that power surge could overload the generator. To avoid that, double the average watt rating for a large appliance with motors when you’re choosing the right-sized generator.

Appliances that plug directly into the unit

It is generally better to plug the appliances directly into the small 240-volt generator instead of using extension cords. But if you have to use a cord, make sure it can handle the power draw. Extension cords can overheat, and if the voltage at the end of a lengthy cord is less than the generator plug’s voltage, the voltage could drop and affect the appliance.

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