Pros and Cons of 220 Volt Air Conditioner Heater

Looking for better ways to cool and heat your home? That usually involves getting a separate air conditioning unit and a heater. However, you now have the option to install a 220-volt air conditioner heater, especially if you only require heating and cooling in one room. By choosing this appliance, you can easily switch between heating and cooling. Some air conditioning and heating units also come with a ventilation mode.

How does it work?

Air conditioners and heat pumps rely on a similar principle of transferring heat. The heat pump uses reverse refrigeration, which gets ambient heat from surrounding air and transfers it to water, and the AC transfers heat from within the room to outside. With the 220-volt air conditioner heater, you get a system composed of a condenser refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger to transfer heat energy from the AC to water rather than to an area outside the room.


The split wall-mounted air conditioner lets you enjoy a more comfortable indoor temperature. LG is one of the brands you can consider for a user-friendly unit with plenty of user-friendly features to make it more convenient and straightforward to use. The LG S2456CH is an example of a split air conditioner and heater that offers 6740 watts of cooling power and 7320 watts of heating power.


Regarding the current, the 220-volt air conditioner heater is more efficient to run. The higher voltage reduces the amount of power it needs to achieve optimum cooling or heating temperatures.

One-time installation

Combined heating and cooling units are easier to install. This also means reduced costs for installation and servicing, as there’s only a single unit to take care of.

Despite all the good things about having a 220-volt air conditioner heater, you should be aware of some of its disadvantages, too. For instance, it can be challenging to maintain due to a more complex system, which is more prone to damage. You have to find the correct manufacturer with a proven track record of creating high-quality, reliable, and efficient combined units, so you can be sure that the appliance can provide the best value for your money.

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