Features of 220 Volt Window AC Unit in summers

A window air conditioner is designed to cool one room. It can be a lifesaving appliance during the summer as it helps prevent heat stroke while ensuring your comfort indoors. If you’re shopping for a window AC unit in 220 volts, you will want to look at its features to determine that it’s the right cooling appliance for your needs. Here are the most important factors to consider:

Electrical requirements

A 220v window air conditioner will usually have a cooling capacity of over 15,000 BTUs. It may require special electrical wiring, provided by a qualified electrician.


Window air conditioners are usually made to fit standard double-hung windows. However, some may be installed in custom wall spaces using special mounting hardware. That can be an alternative if your windows are too big, too small, or you do not have vertical sash windows. Check if the window AC unit in 220 volts has a rutted mounting sleeve and slide-out chassis to secure and stabilize it while ensuring easy access for maintenance.

Cooling capacity

The air conditioner’s cooling capacity is a vital factor that can help you choose the right sized unit for your home. It is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units, and you need to make sure that the number is appropriate for the size of your room. If the window AC unit in 220 volts is in a large room and has little BTU, it will be inefficient; and may result in higher energy bills. On the other hand, a larger unit won’t evenly dehumidify and cool your space. So, be sure to calculate the size of your space in square feet and refer to a window AC sizing chart to see the corresponding required BTUs.

Energy efficiency

window AC unit in 220 volts is generally more economical than central air conditioners as long as they’re correctly sized. Be sure to check its Energy Star rating and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) to ensure an energy-efficient unit.

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