Why Choosing 240 Volts Appliances is a Smarter Choice for Your Home?

The US uses 110-120V electrical outlets, so why would you buy appliances that require 240 volts? There are many good reasons for this, and we have listed them here to help you understand why they can be a wiser choice for your home.


You require a more powerful appliance.

Larger air conditioners running on 10,000 BTUs or higher typically use 220V to 240V of electricity. You may even need a clothes dryer, refrigerator, or washer from overseas. These appliances are typically designed to function on 220V to 240 volts, greater than the 110V-120V line voltage in North America. They have larger motors that start faster and turn more smoothly at 220-240V than 110-120 volts. That means they can last longer over time with overall efficient performance.

However, you may need to consider investing in a step-up voltage converter or transformer to use them safely in the US. It’s a type of converter that steps up the 110-120v electrical outlet to make it compatible with a higher voltage.


You have an electric vehicle.

Most electric vehicle chargers exclusively use 240 volts, as a 120V line cannot deliver sufficient power to charge the car within a reasonable period.


More power for less

Appliances using 240 volts have a smaller wire diameter for the same amps as 120V. 240V delivers more power, too.


More good reasons to use 240-volt home appliances 

If you are moving from the US to another country that uses 240 volts, you may choose to buy some essential appliances before you leave. Some 240-volt appliances may be phased out in other countries but are still available in US-based stores carrying 220V and 240V products. Sometimes, they may be available abroad but are expensive. You might be able to save some money by buying them now while ensuring they are ready to use when you arrive at your new place abroad.

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