Things You Need to Know About the 240-Volt Drill

If you love to go DIY on home improvement projects, you will find the 240-volt drill a great investment that can help you get more things done faster with precision. It is a powerful and reliable tool you would love to use on any project. 

Many options are available today, so you can find something to suit your requirements and budget. But first, you may need some information about 240-volt drills for an informed buying decision. Here are the things you must know:


Should you go cordless?

Most 240-volt drills traditionally have a cord, but now, you will find cordless models that offer more convenience and portability as long as the batteries are sufficiently charged. One of the best things about cordless drills is they are lightweight and can function anywhere, even when there is no nearby electrical outlet or when you need to do some work in places where electricity is unavailable. They avoid accidents related to power cords, too.

The only disadvantage of a cordless 240-volt drill is it may not be suitable for extensive use. If you’re battery conscious, you may need to recharge frequently to avoid running out of power at the most inconvenient time. If you don’t like disruptions, consider getting a wired version.



The service life of a 240-volt drill will vary per brand or model. The batteries of a cordless drill should last for around two to three years. Whether you’re buying a corded or cordless model, make sure it can last for at least ten years without any issues.


Various chucks available

A chuck holds the various bits of the drill together, and it comes in different sizes and types to suit your usage requirements. The standard sizes are ¼, ½, and 3/8. Most professionals prefer 3/8, but if you require more diameter, consider a ½ chuck, as most significant bits won’t fit a 3/8 drill.



Invest in a 240-volt drill that can reverse with variable drilling speeds and speed range settings. Look for a toque clutch, which is crucial for driving screws as it lets you set a custom maximum torque point that makes the drill stop when it reaches that. Some drills also have LED lights, offering additional illumination for more precision.

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