What You Need To Know Before Buying Bench Grinder Stands

A dedicated bench grinder stand is a great way to save on countertop space, as well as for providing a stable platform to work on in the workshop. This is great especially for small areas with limited work bench real estate. Having a dedicated space for your equipment also increases safety and efficiency while making it easy to maneuver around the shop and organize your workspace. Grinding in particular can be messy, and the dust from projects you are working on can ruin other projects, tools, and other shop equipment. Being able to locate your grinder setup in a secure corner of the shop can help with managing these issues.

You can opt for pedestal type stands, which offer a small footprint great for small spaces, or a multi-legged stand that offers better stability for heavier tools. The thing to remember is to get a stand with the appropriate bolt holes for mounting your grinder unit to secure it to the stand. It is also important that the stand is capable of being bolted down to the floor. It needs to be set up as stably as possible to prevent accidents or stop mishaps. Most stands are made from metal for rigidity and stability, which is the best material for holding a heavy tool such as a bench grinder. It would also be ideal to have a stand that is height adjustable to allow you to set the work surface to a level that is comfortable so you can operate your machinery properly.

There are a number of stands available to choose from, so it is always a great idea to read up on reviews and recommendations before picking out a particular model. Note the features mentioned above and weigh the pros and cons for each option.

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