A Guide for the Multiregion Blu-Ray DVD Players

Blue-Ray Players are an essential piece in any entertainment system and is often desired for its ability to deliver clear, high quality, high resolution video and audio for hours and hours of enjoyment. With the advent of high resolution HDTVs, accurate and quality video reproduction is much in demand.

Multi-region Blu-Ray players take it a notch higher by providing that same high-quality standard and allowing you to play back any video format from anywhere in the world. Multi region Blu-Ray players feature built in decoders to translate different video format standards like PAL, SECAM, and NTSC, and reproduce them into your screens as clear and color accurate images in high definition and crystal-clear audio.

Different countries have implemented an assortment of video format standards for broadcast and recording to be accommodated by the equipment available to them. Certain areas or regions follow a specific video encoding standard that is ideal within the region but are not directly compatible with equipment from other regions that do not follow the same standards. This results in false color reproduction and loss of frames or colors and other video information whenever you attempt to play back different video standards across incompatible equipment. This is where multi region video decoders come in. They bridge the gap and provide a way to read different video formats and translate them correctly into the screen.

Multi region Blu-Ray players have other desirable features you need to look out for like internet connectivity, which allows for direct streaming of videos from the internet and video streaming services. Some players also feature external video sources from Secure Digital or SD flash cards and thumb drives. For compatibility, it is recommended to buy matching brands of receivers and other AV equipment although most modern players are capable of matching receiver frequencies automatically.

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