What You Need To Know About Voltage Adapter 110 To 220 Volts?

Are you traveling abroad? You’ll need a travel adapter to use the electronics. However, attempting to know about the difference between converters, travel adapters, and voltage conversion is hugely confusing. Read on to know about the 110 to 220 volts voltage adapters for a simplified explanation!

Travel adapter vs. voltage converter

There are two essential things you should know about traveling with electronics. First, the plug that you use at home might not work in a wall socket while going because different countries have different shapes of the plug.

Secondly, you can’t use some of the electronics while traveling unless they are of dual voltage because countries like Canada and the USA have 120V electricity while destinations like Europe have 220V electricity.

What is the voltage?

Voltage is known as electricity; different countries have different kinds of electricity, which means you need to consider voltage conversion. It means that the electronics are the same voltage as the country where you bought them. Therefore, if you take them to another country, then they might not work.

If you plug a 120V device in a wall socket, which is meant for 220V, you are going to blow out a fuse in your machine and possibly even the building. Your hair dryers like wands, blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons use up a large amount of electricity, so it’s essential mainly that they are used with the right voltage.

How do travel adapters work?

It enables you to plug the electronics in walls with different sockets than the ones used by your country. Not all countries use the same plug; therefore, it is recommended to buy the international adapter.

You can consider purchasing individual adapters for each country that you are planning to visit, or you can buy one international travel adapter which will work for most parts of the world.

A travel power adapter fits the plug in the wall socket, while travel converters change the electrical current. The only time where you would need the international converter is if you are traveling with a device that is not of dual voltage. Choose the adapter that best suits your needs!

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