If you need a user-friendly appliance for boiling water, thermo hot pot from Panasonic is an ideal choice for you!

Panasonic NC-EH30 3 Liter Electric Thermo Hot Pot 220V is an electric water boiler used for boiling and maintaining water at a constant temperature. It is a perfect small home kitchen appliance. When it comes to an affordable and incredibly efficient water boiler, Panasonic NC-EH30 3 liter electric thermo hot pot plays a vital role.

High-quality thermo hot pot from the house of Panasonic is not just like other water boilers. This product is equipped with modern and innovative features which make this hot pot simple, safe and energy-efficient. This machine is perfect for boiling water and dispensing hot water. This dispensed hot water can be used for coffee, tea, soups, noodles, etc.

Whether it is early morning tea or a late-night coffee, Panasonic’s electric pot is perfect to serve you at all times. This unique appliance boils water in a super-fast manner so that you don’t have to wait for a sip of your favorite drink. Besides, this Panasonic hot pot comes with 4 keep warm temperature options for more convenience. This product can also be set to start boiling up to six hours later. Thanks to its energy-saving timer. Apart from this, NC-EH30 is equipped with front-facing, easy to read LCD screen and touch button to easily set and control all temperatures.

Panasonic NC-EH30 3 Liter Electric Thermo Hot Pot 220V is featured with an electric dispenser with 3-litre capacity. Therefore, you can easily, quickly and safely boil or dispense hot water at different temperatures. You can also control the flow and quality of water with the rotary base with safety lock. This product has built-in over-heating sensors so that you can keep it and safe as simple as can be.

From the sink for filling to the buffet table, you can effortlessly transport it when working in the kitchen thanks to its fold-down carrying handle. And it’s smooth, 360º rotating base makes it easy and convenient for everyone.

Due to its bincho-tan charcoal coated stainless steel inner surface, you can get purified and alkalized ph level hot water. With highly effective functioning and attractive design, Panasonic electric thermo hot pot is an ideal gift for all tea and coffee aficionados. When you bring this thermo hot pot home, you will be happy. Its unique design will give a compliment to your kitchen style.

Available at $65 price, Panasonic NC-EH30 3 Liter Electric Thermo Hot Pot 220V is a worthy choice for those who want an excellent quality boiler on a budget.

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