Top 5 Advantages of Using Region Free Portable DVD Players

Are you looking for the perfect alternative to streaming shows and movies? Do you want to be able to watch movies that are not available online? Then it’s time you purchased a region-free portable DVD player.

These advanced entertainment systems are perfect for both the cinephile and the casual moviegoer. There also very popular with DVD collectors with a penchant for foreign films. Here’s what you can gain from using region-free portable DVD players:

  • Enjoy foreign films straight from your couch

Picture this: You’re enjoying a solo trip in France, and you come across an obscure DVD store filled with rare French films. You pick a title, hoping to see it once you return home.

Unfortunately, the plan immediately goes down the drain because your DVD player refuses to read the disc. The problem is probably caused by region code incompatibility, rendering the DVD unplayable.

Your only options are to perform a software hack, which could easily damage your DVD player, or invest in a region-free player to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

  • Watch your favorite movies anywhere in the world

What’s incredible about a region-free portable player is that it is small and easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack. You can take it on your travels and enjoy a movie in your hotel room or in your camping tent, thanks to the player’s worldwide voltage compatibility!

  • Take advantage of high-definition videos

Aside from being compatible with multiple region codes, these portable players deliver high resolution output. The standard these days is 1080p. Plus, you can upscale low-resolution videos with an HDMI cable and HDMI-compatible TV.

  • Stay on top with the latest technology

Region-free portable DVD players are also packed with advanced features to enhance your viewing experience. For instance, some models have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to browse the web on your TV. Others have high-quality audio systems such as Dolby Digital and Virtual Surround, taking your immersion to the next level.

  • Save more money

Overall, a region-free portable DVD player is a onetime investment so you don’t have to waste money replacing incompatible players that have locked up due to software hacks. Once you have this type of DVD player, you can watch any DVD from any country wherever you might be.


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