Reasons You Might Want to Get a Region-Free Player

In this age of streaming, owning a DVD player may not be the priority for most people. But check out region-free players, and they might change your mind!

Why a region-free player is a must-have at home?

  • You’re a movie lover

The internet has something for everyone if you know where to look. However, gaining access to obscure films is not easy; you might even come across spammy sites that will infect your computer. If you want a legitimate copy of a movie, you really need to pay for it. Buy a DVD so you don’t have to worry. Region-free DVD players have no restrictions on what you can watch, including Blu-ray discs from all over the world.

  • You want to watch films from overseas

Did you come across a copy of Il Generale Della Rovere during your stay in Italy? Region-free players have internal PAL to NTSC converters, so you can freely collect all kinds of DVDs from all over the world.

  • You want to enjoy HD movies

Sometimes, rare foreign movies; primarily those that haven’t been digitally remastered can be of poor quality. But don’t worry. There’s a way for you to watch them in HD. Top-quality region-free DVD players can upscale videos, enhancing your viewing experience.

  • You want to avoid costly replacements

If you’ve been collecting foreign discs for a while, you might be familiar with using software hacks to make your DVD player compatible with various region codes. Unfortunately, these hacks are limited to only a few uses. Once they’ve run out, the player will lock itself up to the set region, forcing you to purchase a new system.

Region-free players, in contrast, are modified through their hardware. This means that you don’t have to make any risky changes or void your warranty.


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