How to Use 240-volt Hair Straightener Safely at Home?

A 240-volt hair straightener is the perfect tool for making hair look smooth and shiny.  But like any other electrical appliance, hair straighteners come with some hazards. They can get hot, possibly burning your skin and hair. But don’t worry! Here are some tips for keeping yourself safe while using a 240-volt hair straightener at home:

  • Use the lowest heat settings

Just because a straightener can go up to 450°F doesn’t mean you should always set it at this temperature. If you have normal hair, try starting at 300°F and go up to 380°F slowly. Meanwhile, coarser hair can be ironed at around 400°F.

Exposing your hair to high temperatures can damage it over time, plus you are more likely to burn your skin from the heat.

  • Use a heat-resistant mat

Do you have thick hair? If it takes a while for you to straighten everything, make sure to keep your dresser free of any loose items. Use a heat-resistant mat to prevent the iron from catching on fire or burning small objects.

  • Don’t forget to unplug your hair straightener

Many hair straighteners already come with an automatic shut-off feature, but leaving them plugged can still result in electrical accidents. Always unplug the appliance after using.

In addition, avoid straightening your hair near the sink or plugging it while your hands are wet.

  • Invest in a high-quality 240-volt hair straightener

Safety starts from buying a high-quality hair straightener in the first place. Poor-quality appliances are more prone to electrical issues, plus they’re made with cheap materials that won’t last for a long time.

Make sure to buy your 240-volt straighteners from trusted online suppliers with a wide range of products so that you can choose the best hair straightener for your budget and your preferences.

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