Things to Know About 220v Coffee Maker

If coffee fuels you every day, you might want to explore more ways to enjoy it than simply buying from your café or making instant coffee. We’re talking about getting your own 220v coffee maker brewing your own. It will give you more freedom to customize your favorite drink and perhaps experiment on many different beans and grounds available from around the world. But before you start shopping, here are some of the things you need to know about it:

Not for use in the USA

One of the most important things to know about a 220v coffee maker is that it’s not meant to be used in the US. That’s because of the voltage. Now, why would you want to buy one? It may be necessary when you’re moving to a country that uses 220 volts and you want to save money and time by buying 220v appliances while you’re still in the US. This will also give you the chance to find brands or models of coffee makers you like, in case they are unavailable or phased out abroad.

How does it work?

A coffee maker typically heats water and moves it through the coffee grounds, then into the cup. There may be some differences depending on the model. This brings us to the different models you’re likely to find online.

Types of coffee makers

220v coffee maker can be any of these three types: the traditional drip coffee machine, espresso machine, and pod coffee machine. Drip coffee makers are the most common and they come as either a single-serve mug or a pot that can hold more coffee. Espresso machines apply pressure to deliver more caffeine into a small serving of coffee as possible. Pod coffee machines are also considered single-serve coffee makers that make coffee out of small pre-packaged pods. They have the functionality of a drip and espresso machine.

Where to buy one

You can get a 220v coffee maker from an online store that specializes in carrying 220-volt appliances and electronics. Just make sure it’s a trustworthy and established business that is based in the US.


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