Benefits of an 110v Security Camera

Security cameras in the home or small business were treated as expensive and optional for the longest time. Now, they can be considered necessities. But don’t worry because they’re not as costly as they were some 10 or maybe 20 or so years ago. Now, any home or office owner can afford to install at least one 110v security camera and add a layer of safety to their property. Advances in technology resulted in more advancements in security camera equipment while ensuring reduced costs. That means it’s possible to get an affordable camera with high-quality recording and storage capabilities.

Not sure why you should install one? Here are some of the benefits you must know about it:

Deter crime

Typically, people are less likely to do something bad when they know they are being watched. That means your 110v security camera could help deter criminals. It’s not enough that you install a dummy camera to ward off would-be burglars and other malicious people because some are still bold enough to commit the crime when they know they’re being recorded. With a camera recording the events, you could present valid evidence to the police and help them with the investigation and in catching the perpetrators.


Security cameras are not just to protect your property. They allow you to check in on what’s happening in your home or business while you’re away. Newer cameras may offer remote monitoring, which lets you view footage in real-time from your mobile device or computer.

Insurance perks

If your property is insured, you could make a claim after a burglary incident. You just have to present sufficient evidence to your insurance provider. The 110v security camera can provide the footage required to show that the incident did occur, so the insurance company can validate and process your claim much faster. Having one may also help reduce your premiums.




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