If you are looking for a fast and efficient juice extractor, Philips’s avance collection juicer is the right option.

Phillips understands you have to face the common barriers (a lack of time, nutritional guidance and space) when juicing at home as a busy homemaker. So, Philips designed the new avance juicer as a great solution for juice extraction at home. You can make home juicing as healthy, tasty juices at home with much ease now with this juicer from Philips.  It makes the process easy with time-saving and innovative features including 2-speed settings and 1L capacity.

The first thing to notice about the Philips HR1922/21 Avance Collection Juicer, 1 Litre,1200 W [Energy Class A] 220-240 Volts is its compact yet stylish design. This product is a great complement to your kitchen style. And you can use this attractive juicer for gifting purpose too. It has a powerful function and exclusive finish. After all, Phillips has designed this juicer keeping creativity and functionality in mind.  It is cleverly designed juice extractor with plenty to offer. Various aspects and features make this juicer perfect appliance for busy housewives’ kitchen.

Some features are mentioned below that will let you know why Philips HR1922/21 avance collection juicer is the right purchase for you.

An innovative drip stop

Juicers from the house of Philips are fully integrated with an innovative drip stop. This allows you to keep your counter clean between juicing sessions at all times. You just need to simply push the button of juice outlet. And then your juice flow will stop without moistening your fingers.

Easy to clean

Now cleaning the Avance juicer is made easy, thanks to quick rinse function. By pouring water into the hollow plunger, you can lean out juicer’s other parts including lid, blades, and filters without any hassles. Also, HR1922/21 includes advanced quick clean technology that allows you for effortless cleaning in just 1 minute.

XXL feeding tube

Unleash all the goodness of fruits into your glass within minutes, thanks to innovative feature- XXL feeding tube of the Philips HR1922/21 Avance Collection Juicer, 1 Litre,1200 W [Energy Class A] 220-240 Volts. This tube will help you in reducing the preparation time before juicing.

Fiber boost technology

From soft fruits to hard vegetables, you can make delicious nourishing juices in various favorite combinations. Now, you can also choose your juice’s texture according to your choices just because of fiber boost technology with up to 50% extra fiber.

As you can see, the Philips’ juicer has several specific features that make it stand out from the rivals. So, if you are interested in purchasing an efficient and easy cleaning juicer, Philips HR1922/21 Avance Collection Juicer, 1 Litre,1200 W [Energy Class A] 220-240 Volts is a perfect fit for your kitchen.

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