Start your day with a great cup of tea every morning with KitchenAid’s artisan tea maker. It is ideal for brewing your perfect cup of tea. This product is designed with high-quality stainless steel and streamlined glass which enables you to keep an eye on the brewing process.

The artisan tea maker is featured with five specialty tea programs/variable temperature control. This preserves each tea’s unique flavors and aromas. It has a water temperature that determines how much flavor is extracted from tea, and each type requires a various brewing temperature. Build for speed, the tea maker from the house of KitchenAid quietly boils water in minutes.

Intelligently designed, KitchenAid tea maker will keep your tea or water warm for up to 30 minutes, thanks to automatic warming function. Plus, you can select a keep-warm mode on the temperature selector to keep your drink warm. It has a low-temperature setting that makes this tea maker perfect for brewing delicate teas. It has a removable stainless steel tea chamber and free-standing stand. This means you can prepare hot water without tea chamber for brewing tea. Apart from this, you can easily use and clean this product due to its shut off and easy to remove features.

If you are a tea lover, KitchenAid 5KEK1322SS, Artisan Tea Maker With 1.5 L Glass Jug 220 Volts is the perfect choice for you. Sleek look, portable design and high performance make this product a popular tea maker in the market. In addition, this is an ideal gift for your loved ones and friends who are an avid tea lover. Because of its high-quality stainless-steel and glass construction, 5KEK1322SS is ideal for a perfect cup of tea with family and friends.

Tea maker from the house of KitchenAid has 1.5L capacity. This means you can make five cups of tea in one time without impacting the flavors. Due to its compact design and lightweight feature, you can easily carry while traveling.  With an elegant and contemporary look, this tea maker is a perfect complement for your kitchen countertop.

KitchenAid 5KEK1322SS, Artisan Tea Maker With 1.5 L Glass Jug 220 Volts is one of the best tea makers for home and office use. When you bring home this tea maker, it will not let you down. At $422, KitchenAid’s tea maker is a great choice if you need a compact yet powerful appliance for making tea at your home.

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