If you are looking for a smarter way to cook, Panasonic automatic rice cooker is an ideal option for you.

A stylish convenient rice cooker from the house of Panasonic is efficient, portable and reliable appliance. You can enjoy the aroma of freshly cooked rice with this product. It is a powerful rice cooker that requires 220 volts to cook your rice perfectly. You can also give it to your friends and clients as a gift just because of its elegant design and modern features.

Panasonic SR-932WSN 3.2l Conventional Automatic Rice Cooker, 220 Volts has some of the best features, so, it is very popular among those who are looking for an efficient rice cooker. These automatic features have made it one of the most selling products in the market. If you are a new customer and planning to purchase a cooker for your kitchen, you should understand all the features before making a purchase.

Here are the advanced features of Panasonic’s rice cooker that will inform you how this appliance is truly the best fit for you.

3.2L capacity

This automatic rice cooker has a good capacity of 3.2L. This means you can cook rice for both small nuclear family as well as joint family without any hassles.

High-quality material

The body of the cooker is made of premium quality aluminum, food-grade material. This ensures excellent cooking performance and eases at cleaning. The anodized aluminum prevents burning rice on the bottom of the pot. So, you don’t need to worry about rice burning during cooking and pot cleaning after cooking as well.

Energy efficient

Cook rice quickly and also maintain its nutrient value with this automatic rice cooker. This aluminum appliance absorbs heat fast and saves cooking time, so proving to be energy-efficient.

Automatic operations

Automatic functions of this cooker make it convenient and safe for use. It is featured with a thermal fuse system. This means it will automatic shutdown when the temperature usually is high. So, you don’t have to make your effort of checking rice repeatedly.

Panasonic SR-932WSN 3.2l Conventional Automatic Rice Cooker, 220 Volts is the best kitchen appliance you will find in the market for making rice. Safe cooking and convenient use make this stylish cookware perfect for catering a large number of people. Purchase Panasonic’s SR-932WSN and experience the finest cooking.

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