Are you looking for a non-stick rice cooker for hassle-free cooking experience? If yes, you are not a single one. Every person who loves cooking prefers to invest in a non-stick rice cooker.

Nikai NR679N 1.2 Liter Rice Cooker – Onetouch Operation – 220-240 V is an exclusive presentation from the house of Nikai for healthy and safe cooking. This appliance is featured with Teflon coated inner pot that ensures the rice does not stick to the bottom of the cookware. Also, this ensures easy to clean cookware surface. Therefore, when you use this rice cooker, it will never let you down.

With this appliance, you can cook rice in a convenient and hassle-free way. Modern functionality and elegant design makes this rice cooker an ideal complement for your kitchen. You can also gift this beautiful appliance to a newly married couple. With one-touch operation and double thermostat control, cooking rice will be a delightful experience for you.

Let’s take a look at other modern features of 1.2 L rice cooker that make it a popular model in the market.

Food-grade material

The amazing rice cooker from the house of Nikai is made of food-grade plastic material. This ensures safe to use and durable structure.

Sleek control panel

Nikai’s rice cooker is equipped with a control switch level that helps in automatic cooking. Also, its keep-warm function will keep your rice warm for many hours. This means it automatically shifts to “keep warm” mode after the rice is prepared. This feature makes it a user-friendly kitchen appliance.

Convenient handle

It features aesthetically designed handle that let you carry this cooker without any hassles. This impressive cooker includes a uniquely designed lid with button system for locking it and making it extremely safe to use. Apart from this, its lid contains a big steam vent that prevents steam leakage. This means you don’t have to waste much energy and time while you are cooking rice.

Significant capacity

Nikai NR679N 1.2 Liter Rice Cooker – Onetouch Operation – 220-240 V is equipped with 1.2L capacity with 457-544W power. This means you can cook maximum 1.2L rice at once. So, you can use to cook rice for good number of rice.

Hope you are now convinced why you should choose Nikai NR679N 1.2 Liter Rice Cooker – Onetouch Operation – 220-240 V over other rice cookers. It has an ideal size and weight that makes it great for travel. This cookware is convenient to use, and space saver due to a compact size. Also, Nikai NR679N 1.2 Liter Rice Cooker comes with accessories, including measuring cup and spoon.

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