Milwaukee HD18AG0 M18 Angle Grinder 220-240 Volts is the latest model in Milwaukee’s list of popular and useful angle grinders. It is a capable mid-range grinder that is loaded up with all the good features. Priced at just $ 299.99, the ergonomic design of the grinder alone makes it well worth the price. You can use it comfortably and easily. This product is equipped with a high-performance 4-pole motor to provide maximum power whilst optimizing the power to weight ratio. So, when it comes to an angle grinder, this model is perfect choice that will give you a peace of mind.

When it comes to overall value, durability and excellent performance, the embedded features put this product at the top of the list.

The angle grinder is packed with a number of different features. Each feature contributes to the functionality of the product in one or the other way. The top features are mentioned below:

4 pole motor

If you are looking for a high-performance angle grinder, Milwaukee HD18AG0 M18 Angle Grinder 220-240 Volts is perfect for you. This product performs exceptionally well and helps in grinding applications. HD18AG0 M18 angle grinder includes an excellent quality 4-pole motor that delivers maximum power during operations. This motor ensures maximum efficiency and performance of this machine. It can be easily wired for 220V or 240 V operations. Plus, this motor contains an overload protector that ensures the motor doesn’t burn out due to over-heating. In such cases, the protector automatically shuts down the motor.

Construction quality

Milwaukee HD18AG0 M18 Angle Grinder is one of the most durable products in the market. It is built with high-quality metal and plastic materials. This product is equipped with a full metal gear case for high-duty durability. For comfortable use, its reduced height of the gearbox and slim girth design provide optimum ergonomics. Also, this angle grinder has an exclusive paddle switch design and multi-position side handle that allows you to use it without any hassle. It includes REDLINK overload electronics in both tool and battery pack for delivering excellent system durability.

Dimensions and weight

The battery-powered angle grinder is not as bulky in size as you would expect a heavy-duty angle grinder to be. The dimensions of this item are about 41.2 x 16.8 x 13.3 cm. On the other hand, the angle grinder comes in 2.4 kg weight so you can carry it anywhere you want without any hassle.


We are giving this Milwaukee HD18AG0 M18 Angle Grinder 220-240 Volts five stars for its exceptional performance.  If you want a user-friendly handy tool for grinding, Milwaukee HD18AG0 M18 Angle Grinder 220-240 Volts is the answer.   

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