Review: BLACK & DECKER BD-KG8200-B9 220VOLTS 820W 100MM SAW

If you are planning to purchase a high-performance cutting tool, BD-KG8200-B9 saw of Black & Decker is a good option for you. This power tool is convenient and portable so you can easily use and carry it. It is a great tool for DIY enthusiasts to cut hard materials, no matter how much you use it. This product will work perfectly and never let you down.

Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820W 100mm Saw is stuffed with many user-friendly features. It comes with an angle grinder, side handle, and wrench. The new features added to this saw are the adjustable safety guard and dust sealed switch. These features make this tool a must have for your workshop as well as home improvement projects.

Here are the features of Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820W 100mm Saw that makes it a must have:

Great Durability

Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820W 100mm Saw is one of the most durable products available in the market. It is perfect to help you complete your professional work easily. Black & Decker has made this saw using the advanced technology and using best quality materials. This will help increasing the performance and life of the machine.

Easy and Continuous Use

BD-KG8200-B9 series of Black & Decker reputable model is ergonomically designed with a perfect grip that makes it user-friendly. So, you can comfortably hold it for better usage. Apart from this, this corded saw has the lock on the switch that makes it easy for continuous use.

High Portability

Portability of all equipment and tools depend on their weight. If you are looking for saw that you can take anywhere and everywhere you want, Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820w 100mm Saw is perfect option for you. Its lightweight and compact design makes it more portable. Also, this product helps you solve all cutting tasks without any hassles.

Excellent Cutting Performance

When it comes to selecting the best cutting tool at a cost-effective price, Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820w 100mm Saw plays a vital role. You can use this powerful tool for cutting stone and ceramics as it has 100mm cutting wheel.

Let’s take a look at other features and specifications of Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820w 100mm Saw

  • 12,000 rpm speed for high performance
  • Spindle lock for easy accessory change
  • 2-meter cable and 3 position side handle for comfortable and easy usage
  • Compact size for storing anywhere without consuming much space


Black & Decker BD-KG8200-B9 220 Volts 820w 100mm Saw is one of the best cutting tools for home and workshop use. Its excellent cutting performance, ergonomic design and affordable price make this product unique from its rival. It is efficient, durable, reliable and portable. So, you will certainly enjoy working with this reliable saw from the house of Black & Decker.

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