Review: LG Refurbished Monitor

Discontinued by the original manufacturer, the LG 23EN43T-B 23-inch Full HD LED Monitor is now rare in the market. This factory refurbished unit retains the impressive picture quality of a brand new LG HD LED Monitor. This high-resolution screen uses LG’s proprietary display technology that offers unrivaled brightness, amazing clarity and exceptional color detail. It features Full HD Resolution of up to 1080P, producing stunning pictures with almost twice the pixel resolution for that coveted picture quality that is worlds apart your standard HD. This HD LED monitor offers picture detail and color vibrancy unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The LG 23EN43T-B Monitor features LG’s Super Energy Saving technology, reducing power consumption without affecting image quality. Conventional LED monitors would reduce energy use when luminance is reduced—this, however, is at the cost of display quality, because reducing luminance means display image will turn dark. With LG’s Super Energy Saving technology, you save on power consumption while maintaining superior image quality, reproducing display images without any loss in brightness and sharpness.

Other notable features of the LG 23EN43T-B monitor include its Dual Web capability, which allows window size optimization. This automatically divides the screen so you can view several web pages simultaneously. This wide-screen TV monitor is also great for creating multiple display set-ups and building multi-screen systems with outstanding screen quality. Set-up and installation is easy, thanks to its advanced connectivity technology.

Picture and image-wise, this LG refurbished monitor offers very good image quality, with excellent contrast ratio and vibrant color reproduction—great for those looking for exceptional gaming and video experience. At 23” you get excellent detail in every frame. The LG 23EN43T-B is a great value monitor, that’s perfect for building multi-display set-ups or for your average viewing and gaming experience. It is slim and lightweight, which makes it a great standalone or mounted display.

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