Review: Monster Indoor Outdoor Speakers

The Monster BTW 249 Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Speakers is a wall-mountable speaker for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for playing and streaming your favorite music, this high-performance, stereo sound, 40W, Bluetooth speaker offers wireless freedom so you can enjoy superior quality listening. Control your listening sessions from a connected Bluetooth device and maximize its wireless capabilities by connecting up to 8 speakers (4 speaker pairs) in total for that surround sound goodness. Mount your speakers on the living room walls, your bedroom, the patio or the garage—Monster’s design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications so you can take your audio inside, outside, and wherever you may need your music fix. Portable and lightweight, you may even take Monster speakers to the beach or the lake and never worry about the elements or tripping over wires and cables. The Monster indoor outdoor speakers are weather resistant and splash proof, protecting its interior mechanisms from outdoor elements so you can keep enjoying crisp audio anywhere and everywhere.

In addition to its Bluetooth v3.0 technology, the Monster BTW 249 Wireless also features NFC for quick and easy pairing so you can play your music from almost any Bluetooth device without hassle. It has integrated volume control and can handle up to 5 hours of uninterrupted play time and listening at full volume. Its carrying handle makes taking your speakers anywhere a breeze. The device likewise offers an AUX (auxiliary) input, allowing additional audio source apart from Bluetooth devices. Monster also made it a point to create an excellent looking design that works well for most any type of interior and exterior settings and décor, making it easy to incorporate these mountable speakers into any home design. Enjoy the explosive power of Monster speakers while admiring its sleek look on your wall or tucked into an unsuspecting corner for the best acoustics.  

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