Belt driven air compressor from Ingersoll is here and it’s time to get with the swing of devices and begin reviewing some of the new compressors coming out. Today, we will take a look at the Ingersoll Pb2.2-2001 / 1ph Belt Driven Air Compressor 230 volt/ 50Hz. When it comes to features, design, price, usability and other important aspects of an air compressor, this model from Ingersoll is the perfect choice.

This compressor includes a belt that attaches the motor to the pump. It provides great flexibility to adjust the air flow and pressure as required. It is designed for household applications such as filling tires, air mattress and pool toys. Also, it can be used to power wrenches, saws, nailers and hammers at your home without any noise.

Here are some of the main features of the Ingersoll belt-driven air compressor which make it unique. With these features, you will understand what this machine is all about and why it is a great purchase:

Reliable power and performance

The cast iron, twin cylinder single stage contains an aluminum head and valve plate to ensure gas heat dissipation. Its single voltage motor provides maximum efficiency and performance. This product is known to offer sufficient power for most tools. Also, we found that the superb compressor of this reliable brand is able to provide enough pressure and air flow rates.

Easy and quite operation

What’s more, the compressor of Ingersoll works very easily and quietly. As its noise rating is quite low, you can easily use this product easily at your home without disturbing your family and neighbors. Also, it is featured with pressure regulator with a gauge at discharge as well as a safety valve, and check valve so that you can easily access it at your home.

Maximum portability

Portability is another thing that we like about this model. Yes, it is the truth that weight of compressor is a bit heavy. However, it includes a wheel kit that allows for excellent mobility. This unit is equipped with a maneuvering handle that offers easy transportation to various job sites. Also, this compressor saves a lot of space on workbench due to its compact design.

High capacity

The Ingersoll air compressor comes with a 200 Liter air tank with rugged construction that is leak-free.  Due to its high capacity, you can assure that your device runs for a long time. Also, you can use this excellent capacity product to run most air tools for your home. The best part of this model is that it can be used for a long time before this compressor requires a refill.


All in all, Ingersoll Pb2.2-2001 / 1ph Belt Driven Air Compressor 230 volt/ 50Hz is one of the best compressors for household usage. This product compares quite well and stands out when compared with other products in the market. Its ease of use makes it more unique. Also, this item is efficient, robust and convenient. You will definitely find that the product will last long.

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